Los Villistas

This is a monochrome (sepia) conversion done in  Capture NX2 and CS4 post processing. I had a hard time to add some noise, since my D3 hasn’t got any at this ISO.

Pancho Villa’s soldiers have been called “Los Villistas”. 
Pancho Villa was an important leader during the Mexican Revolution.  Villa and his soldiers were involved in the key moments of the aforesaid struggle: the fall of Porfirio Diaz, near Madero and Zapata, the fight against Victoriano Huerta, etc.  
Some remembers him as a charismatic leader, others as a cold blooded criminal.
According to his widow, Villa was married for … 20 times.

Historia Mundi addressed this event amazingly by setting up scenes from his fights. Please find below a sample …

DSC_2380 mexicani sepia