" 7ème Salon Mondial Photographique de Limours, 2011 France"




A new edition, the 7-th,   of the “Salon Mondial Photographique de Limours, 2011 France” is underway.

The competition is conducted in accordance with FIAP, PSA and FPF requirements. Each entrant is entitled to submit a maximum of 4 images (4 files) in each section:

A: Colour General (PSA - EID)
B: Monochrome General (PSA - EID)
C: Nature (PSA - ND)

The Public Exhibitions are going to be held: November 19th, 2011 – December 17th, 2011.

Around 8000 photographers from 60 countries enrolled the competition but only 900 had their works accepted.

I have had 2 photos accepted in the monochrome Section, and this is a very important event for me! Please feel free to have a look at them here.

Another 2 colleagues from Luxembourg have had their works accepted, Mr. TADDEI Gennaro and Mr. SCHMIT Jean-Paul, the latest achieved  the best results amongst us having had acceptations in all the 3 sections of the competition.